Company Information

Catalyst is in its 8th year of business. Founded in 1994, the principals of Catalyst have significant experience in the environmental field. Catalyst has shown healthy incremental growth, and is a solid and financially secure company.

Catalyst personnel have strong scientific backgrounds, and are well versed in the engineering aspects of our business. In addition, we have significant real estate and general business experience. Catering to business, Catalyst does not make business decisions for its clients; it generates, analyzes, presents, and explains the available information in context with the current regulatory constraints, so its clients can make informed business decisions.

Some Catalyst company points of interest....

  • We are fully insured and carry General Liability, Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions), and Workers Compensation.
  • Pollution Liability is covered under our Professional Policy.
  • Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.
  • Banks and other lending institutions can be named as an additional insured if requested.
  • Insurance coverage can be increased for specific projects, if limits in excess of the standard amount are requested.

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