Catalyst Services

Catalyst offers four main types of services.

In addition, Catalyst...

  • Provides third-party documentation of UST removals and remedial work
  • Will assist in preparing permit applications
  • Can assist in the procurement of financing

Site Assessment Services

Phase I - Catalyst produces high-quality, accurate Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). Our Phase I ESA's are performed to the ASTM 1527-97 specifications with additional items added on a state-specific basis (e.g., "Establishment" status of Connecticut properties). The report format can be customized to meet a given client's needs and/or specifications.

Phase II and III - Our subsurface ESA's are conducted using current industry standard techniques. Catalyst uses only licensed and insured vendors for all subsurface drilling, boring, excavating, and monitoring well installation procedures. We require that all subcontractor employees be OSHA 40-hour certified and have proper personal protective equipment. Analytical work is performed by licensed and insured laboratories. Field blanks are issued on a regular basis, to ensure the most accurate results possible. In addition, laboratory QA/QC documentation is regularly examined in-house by Catalyst personnel.

Site Screening - Catalyst performs the ASTM 1528-96 Transaction Site Screening. This screening may be appropriate when a lesser degree of investigation is required. In the event that a full Phase I is required, Catalyst will credit the full cost of the ASTM screening toward a Phase I ESA, provided that the Phase I is ordered within 90 days of the completion of the screening.

Lead Paint and Asbestos Surveys - Catalyst uses only licensed and insured vendors for lead paint and asbestos surveys. Several levels of service, from lead paint screenings and suspect asbestos-containing materials inventories, to full abatement and management plans are available depending upon the needs of the client.

Residential ESA - We also perform an ESA with a Scope of Work appropriate for the transfer of a residential property. Options available with a residential ESA include: asbestos, lead paint, radon, drinking water potability, volatile organics, metals and other compounds in drinking water, and urea formaldehyde foam insulation.

Other Site Assessment Services - In certain cases, additional services may need to be added to an ESA so that an informed business decision can be made. Some of these services that Catalyst provides are: geophysical testing such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Magnetometer Surveys, soil gas surveys, and Underground Storage Tank (UST) testing. Again, these services are performed by licensed (if applicable) and insured subcontractors.

When outside vendors are used, a representative from Catalyst is present to observe. Subcontractors are never allowed to work unsupervised.

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Property Transfer Consulting

Federal and State environmental legislation has introduced additional complexity to the buying and selling of real estate. In the last decade, federal acts such as CERCLA (Superfund), RCRA, TSCA, and others have placed enormous potential liabilities on the purchaser of an environmentally impacted property. In addition, state laws such as the Connecticut Transfer Act and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan add additional regulation to many property transactions.

Furthermore, recent interest in building toxins such as asbestos, lead paint, radon, and UFFI has added more complexity and risks to the sale or purchase of a given piece of real estate. While the intent of these regulations may be noble, their impact on the real estate business has been substantial and generally negative.

One of the major effects of the development of these environmental regulations is the reluctance of banks and other lenders to become involved with any potentially contaminated properties. All banks require an environmental site assessment prior to financing or accepting commercial or industrial properties as collateral. If a property is determined to have been impacted by contamination, the sale and financing of the site becomes rather difficult. When the uncertainty of the State regulatory outcome is added, steps must be taken so that the property can become marketable.

Catalyst offers real estate oriented environmental consulting services. These services range from site assessments and screenings to assisting in the structuring of the transaction to minimize risks to the buyer, seller, or lender. We have worked closely with many of the leading environmental attorneys in the area, and are able to coordinate the legal, technical, and business aspects of a transaction.

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Regulatory Assistance

Catalyst has a proven track record of success in the regulatory arena. We have successfully negotiated consent orders, resolved compliance issues, and obtained formal closure for a variety of environmental issues. One of our strong points is our ability to design cost effective remedial solutions for a given property. We have a good working relationship with a variety of regulatory agencies and the necessary understanding to reach reasonable solutions to many issues.

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Remedial Services

Catalyst acts as a contract administrator for small to medium-sized remedial projects. Rather than acting as a sole vendor or general contractor, Catalyst coordinates the project by handling the subcontractors for its client. The client contracts directly with the subcontractors for their specific services, and Catalyst supervises all phases of the project from initial bidding to final closure. The benefit for the client is a reduction in the costs of a given project, while obtaining quality control and documentation from Catalyst. These projects are typically related to the sale of a property, for example, when the removal of a UST and associated soil is a condition of sale, purchase, and/or financing.

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